What You Need to Know About Decking Wood Types

06 Feb

There are many different types of decking wood to choose from. Hardwood decking is the most popular but there are also softwood and composite materials. The most important consideration in choosing a wood deck is that it can be left untreated or treated. If you have concerns about bugs or other wood destroying organisms, hardwood is probably the best choice for you. Softwood decking is usually not so expensive but stains and insect treatments may be required and you need to consider what part of the country you live in that the climate is suitable for using hardwoods. You can  read more now about softwood decking on this website.

Softwood decking wood is made from recycled products like plastic, aluminum and sugar cane. Although these materials are considered environmentally friendly, they are not as durable as hardwood. Some composite decks may need to be painted every few years or so if they are in direct exposure to sunlight. Softwood decking wood may need to be protected from harsh weather like wind, rain and snow. If you live in an area that experiences a lot of sun, it is recommended that you get a hardwood deck because they are more durable.

There are a few benefits of building your own deck. You can save money by not having to buy decking materials like lumber, nails and screws. You can save time because you will be doing most of the work yourself including measuring, installing and buying all of the accessories that go with a new deck. You will be saving money because you will most likely be building your own storage areas, BBQ islands, decks, walkway coverings, extra benches and other special features. You may even be able to do some or all of this project yourself if you do a little research.

One of the main reasons that people decide to build their own outdoor deck is that softwoods are often more durable than hardwoods. They are also naturally durable. It is hard for hardwoods to crack after exposure to weather and water. Softwoods do not have these problems because the wood has various fibers that have natural splices and interlaces that make it stronger. View here more tips about the perfect deck building materials.

When you are deciding on what type of wood decking you want to use, it is important that you consider the climate where you live and whether the climate is harsh or mild. Some hardwoods may need to be treated for some weather conditions. For example, you may need a sealant on untreated hardwood decking to protect it from moisture damage and rot.

Softwoods are much easier to work with and install. You will probably only need a saw and hammer if you plan on making wooden deck boards. However, softwoods are stronger and require little maintenance. They are also more durable, so they are usually preferred over hardwoods. In addition, you can find composite decking that is made from recycled materials that is very durable. For more info about this topic, visit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wood.

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